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Seller's Tips

Stage your home, make it sparkle and pack all your personal stuff. You will have to pack it anyway when you move. A well priced house that is spruced up, will get a good price and will sell in a shorter time than a house that needs some work.

Seller's tips for today's market

With the market still in favor of sellers, make sure you inspect your home's exterior, so that you get the best possible price with the least amount of requests from the buyer. Check for paint that is cracking or peeling, look for gaps in caulking around windows, doors and bathroom fixtures..  Examine foundation for unusual cracks and check vents to see if they are blocked or need replacing. A little maintenance now... will save you from having to spend a lot of money in the future. A well kept house sells so much easier. plase try to do repairs before you put the house on the market and stage your home (de-personalize it). Ask me how and I can give you some tips.

What to do with pets

Pets tend to be messy and smelly, so clean up after your pets and try to keep them out of sight, not everybody thinks your pet is as cute as you think!

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