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Buying and selling in today's market





For many, the process of purchasing a home, whether for the first time or the fifth time, can be a daunting, arduous, frustrating road chock-full of pot-holes around every bend. There are many things one needs to consider when making a purchase; some personal, some practical, some wants, some needs, long term, short term. Assimilating information and prioritizing can be quite a task.  It’s hard work finding the right home.


Agents are facilitators.  Simply put; my primary goal is to arm you with enough information so you may make the most intelligent decision you can. After all, after you pick your home, and the drywall dust has settled and the brightly colored paint has dried -- it’s you that is going to live with your choice, not your friends and family, not me, just you.


Not knowing all of your options and possible angles to play is tantamount to picking out a mate by tossing a dart at a random bunch of pictures on a dart board!  I will council you so you may begin to see and understand “value patterns” in the market we live in, brief you on various loan options and how to stay away from the so-called “bad loans” scarring our current market, and explain the little understood aspects of a REALTOR's “fiduciary duty” to their clients – you have more power than you know!


My goal is to help you find a relaxed state of mind when making a big life decision such as this.  Clearing your mind of any questions so you know you’re making a good choice is how I accomplish this.  Once you’ve been armed with all the information you need and your priorities put in place, your quest for a home will seem much more fun and promising. I offer the promise to make your quest my own – on your terms.


For those of you not currently looking for a home, I hope you may find value in my site for things relating to Real Estate Services, Construction, Local Happenings, Eateries, School Information to name a few.

Please contact me for help in selling or buying.

Marion B. Goodman, e-PRO, REALTOR®